To the budget conscious people, an air conditioner is not a wise alternative in a room especially during the summer. There is always the standard stand or desk fan or using fan or just plain opening the window.
A wise addition to a room, which is both, cost efficient and stylish is a ceiling fan. This is preferred especially when your aim is keep one room cool. The ceiling fan functions by moving the both cool and warm air around the room, which would really aid in making the room comfortable.
Ceiling fans has gained popularity as a fan of choice in homes. They are popular because they can be both stylish and very useful. Also, most ceiling fans are within the budget.
In shopping for your new ceiling fan it is important that you look at various brands. Check essential features such as the pitch of the blade, the size of the motor and the finishes on the surfaces of the ceiling fan.
Note: don’t hesitate to ask for help from the salesperson to help you with selecting the ceiling fan that suits you needs.
Ceiling Fans Saves Money
Many people save a lot of money because of using ceiling fans instead of air conditioners. However, this will depend in a lot of different factors. An important factor is the type of blade used. The material and weight of the blade would be determine if the ceiling fan’s lifetime. High-end ceiling fans are usually made of plywood and weighed accordingly to prevent wobbling. Low-end ceiling fans are usually made of cardboard and can be observed to have slight wobbling.
Ceiling Fans Saves Energy
In addition to the practicality of using ceiling fans, it is also very productive in cooling. The fan pushes the warm air that has risen back into the room. In turn, the thermostat will not turn on the heating system.
Remember that the greater the pitch and the more revolutions per minute, the more efficient the fan is in cooling and heating. The smaller motors may seem fine at first but could possibly produce annoying sounds when she’s done.
Fan size depends on the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. Usually specifications come with the purchase of the fan. A fan dealer can help you select fans for your room. For high ceilings sometimes a downrod is needed. For sloped ceilings, flush mounts and angled mounts are available. Some ceilings must even be braced to support the additional weight of the ceiling fan.
Whatever the theme of your house or room may be there will be fan for you. Ceiling fan have been available since the late 1800’s. Today ceiling fans are specifically made for hallways, patios or even children’s bedroom.
The fan is usually hung in the middle of the room. This gives the best air circulation compared to any corner of the room.
Putting lights are optional. Some people attach glass globes or bulbs that will provide the needed illumination in the room. If the ceiling is low, lights cannot be added.
The real deal
The selection of ceiling fan is not just picking another appliance for your room. Remember that this item will add to whole environment of your room. You must take the selection of the ceiling fan for granted.
Ceiling fans can be bought in various stores such as hardware stores, home improvement centers or at discount stores.
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