As a young boy, the sight of a big tent in the open field at the edge of the city where I lived would bring shouts of joy. The big giant tent rising like a mega structure that wasn’t even there barely 24 hours ago would now assumed the porportions of a new metropolis, a world of itself where the little kids and their parents would be entertained by those laughing clowns, and those big elephants, and the tigers….and so miracles always happen to little boys and girls when they see a giant tent which we now call the Big Top – the circus place.

As an adolescent, and while in college, the sight of the Big Tent seemed less and less….and one day, I saw a big tent again in the open field at the edge of the city. It was a plain looking canvas tent, like a large canopy, and a big sign board on the ground declared ” Roy Durman, Travelling Evangelist from Canada”. That night, the parking grounds were full, thousands of people thronged the grounds where the tent was, filling the tent to the brim and with hundreds more waiting outside the tent. It was a sight to behold …people who were in need of prayer, the sick and the lame, the blind, the deaf and the aged and feeble…these were the people who were there for prayer. The next day, it was in the newspapers that many received their healing. Yes, miracles do happen under a tent!

Now, we do not see these big tents anymore in the city grounds, and so my heart would jump a beat or two whenever I see a smaller canopy or a smaller gazebo or a canvas tent anywhere in the backyard of a house in the city.

Unlike the mono color of the giant big top of the circus or the travelling evangelist, I now see open walled gazebos, 4 walls gazebos and 8 walls gazebos and tents with attractive sunny colors that will draw your attention a long distance away, often with some bright slogans or advertising a company.

There under these tents, canopies and gazebos we see instant exhibitions, mini trade fairs, wedding receptions, temporary sign up counters for some events, recruitment drives and promotional desks.

Tents, canopies and gazebos do really make things happen!

Now, as an adult, I found whenever I need some extra space in the outdoors or in the backyard, a gazebo, a canopy or a tent is the perfect solution to my too-hot, too- sunny, too-uncomfortable deck or patio. With a new gazebo or tent or canopy, my deck or patio has become my favorite “outdoor living space” in my house!

Beneath the protection of a gazebo, friends can gather, families can relax and business associates can meet. Close fellowship has been fostered, relationships have been mended, rapport has been established between friends and acquaintances. Creating a special place has never been this easy with a gazebo, tent or canopy.

Yes, at this time and age, miracles of fellowship, of gathering and association still do happen under a tent!

Have you found your miracle of fellowship under a gazebo, a tent or canopy yet?

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