Veranda decking is a composite decking material that has a reversible finish. It has a combed finish on one side of the decking and a wood grain finish on the other. Although it is called veranda decking, you can use this decking to build a gazebo or any kind of patio or deck. The prices are comparable with other types of composite decking and you have three colors to choose from – gray, cedar and redwood. In addition to buying veranda decking, you can also purchase the railing you need for your deck in the same color and material.

Check with Home Depot for veranda composite decking prices. At the present time, this is the only store that sells this type of composite decking. Veranda decking comes in three different lengths – 8, 10 and 12 feet. You can also buy the screws you need in the same color as the veranda composite decking you choose for your deck. This decking material is the perfect one to choose for a deck that will see a lot of traffic and different climate conditions. It will not diminish in appearance with a lot of people walking on it, dragging pation furniture over it or through the elements of weather.

The thing that you will notice with veranda decking is that the color will lighten over time. This is not the result of a defect in the veranda composite decking but it is a natural occurrence due to exposure to sunlight. The decking has to have time to weather and this usually takes two to three months. After this length of time, you won’t notice any further fading or lightening of the color of your composite decking material.

Veranda decking has to go through a mellowing period. If you buy the decking at reduced veranda composite decking prices, you should not worry that the reason for the lower prices was that there was something wrong with the material. During the first two or three months, you may notice tan or greenish hues coming through the veranda composite decking, no matter what color you choose. There will also be slight color variations in the pieces because of the components of the composite decking – wood fibers and recycled plastic. Although there is a warranty with the veranda brand of composite decking, color variation is not included in this warranty.

When you buy veranda decking, you should buy all the material you need to complete your deck at the same time. In fact, experts with installing veranda composite decking recommend that you buy extra because of the color variation that you may encounter. The extra pieces will allow you to ensure that your deck is all the same shade of the color you choose. If you do run out of veranda decking before the project is completed, you may have difficulty getting the exact color to match because runs of the manufacturing of this product can produce slight differences in the colors.

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