Take a look around your office or school and you’ll see evidence that a laminating machine has been at work. Why is it that laminating machines have become so popular anyway? The answer to that question is as easy as comparing a piece of paper that has been laminated with one that has not. There are no wrinkles, folded corners or smudges on the laminated piece. Just the fact that paperwork can become more durable and better looking is reason enough for most homes, schools and businesses to put a laminating machine on their “must have” list.

What’s The Difference?

It’s obvious what the difference is in the final product of a laminating machine, but comparing the machines themselves is a little trickier.
There are different types of laminators each with the right qualities for different sized jobs. For example, the photo laminator is a small, compact unit that sits on a desk top. The thermal heating process is contained within the machine so the exterior remains cool. This is idea for photos, IDs, badges, business cards, or anything smaller than about 4” x 6”.
The next size up is still a sheet fed type of laminator. This can protect cardboard and thin paper alike. The sheets and the feeder are larger, up to the size of legal sheet of paper. It is quite versatile even if you have smaller papers to laminate. To save time and money, you can place all of your items between the sheets of plastic and feed them through all at once.
Objects grouped together on a sheet laminator of this size can be trimmed to size immediately following the laminating process. Be sure to leave at least an 1/8” of plastic around the item so the seal isn’t broken.
The largest type of laminator is often found in schools or busy businesses that handle lots of paperwork needing protection. This oversized office equipment is quiet, but can heat up. It is usually contained in a room away from the desks, just like the large copy machines.
Unlike sheet fed laminators, these large scale machines use big rolls of laminating film. They are inserted like a cartridge on one end of the machine and replaced after several of continuous feet of film has gone through the machine. These are great machines for oversized projects. The width of up to 3 or 4 across is the only limitation. Therefore, it is the perfect machine for extra long banners or for placing papers continuously end on end for efficient production.

Laminators For Sale

When you are ready to buy your first laminator, consider carefully what you will use it for. If you are purchasing one for your business, think a little bigger than your immediate needs. You may save more time and money in efficiency that will quickly repay your investment.
For home use, consider if children will be handling the laminating machines. In this case you will want one that stays cool to the touch.
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