You spend time and energy figuring out everything with your home décor from the paint on the walls to the coverings on the windows. You may have even thought about which furnace or air conditioning system would best meet your needs. It you really want to make your home environment the most comfortable it can be then you should also put some thought into what is the best whole house humidifier for you. Controlling the humidity in your home is as important as where the thermostat sits in terms of keeping your environment the most comfortable.

Tops Table Vs. Whole House Humidifiers

In many climates there is plenty of humidity in the air at least three seasons of the year. During the cold, dry winter months, many people will put a table top humidifier into their children’s or baby’s room to help them breathe better and sleep undisturbed. However, there are climates where the weather doesn’t adjust the humidity to the perfect comfort level on its own. These are the places where you may find you need more than just one or two room or table top humidifiers, but a whole house humidifier.
If you are considering a home improvement project that will require little tool usage and knowledge and will provide an air purification system along with the humidifier, then adding the a whole house humidifier is right up your alley.
Inside humidifiers there are gauges to measure and regulate humidity levels much like a thermometer regulates temperature. These gauges measure the humidity in the air and then turn the system on and off as needed. The units sit in one room and measure as small as a large console television, yet their effect can reach 2 or 3 thousand square feet worth of living space.

Humidity Control Plus Filtering

The climate in your home is further improved with a whole house humidifier by the addition of a HEPA filter. HEPA filters trap air particles as the air comes into the unit. It filters the air of particles as small as 0.3 micron, which is comparable to some manufacturing clean room environments. That is clean air!
An air purifier which recycles air – that is draws in room air, cleans it and then releases it back into the room – must have some kind of filtration system. HEPA filters can handle whole buildings with tens or hundreds of thousands of square feet, so imagine how well it can work in a home setting.
If you are concerned about how a humidifier will look with your room décor, don’t be. There are dozens of styles and sizes of humidifiers that can manage a whole house and still look like a nice piece of furniture. You can strategically place the humidifier in a corner of the room and top it with some family pictures. You can also place it behind a sofa or chair, but you want to be sure there is plenty of room for the air to circulate both in and out of the unit.
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