Do you think it is really possible to cool an AC unit by evaporation? Do you know what cooling coils are? Do they have the same function as the evaporator coil? Read on and find out the answer to these questions.

Cooling coils and evaporator coils

Some people use the term cooling coils and evaporator coils interchangeably. Cooling coils are found in your air conditioning system. They are used in air-handling units as well. They are different from the ones in your air conditioning unit however. The unit uses evaporator coils and these consist of chilled water.
So actually cooling coils is not the right word to use in a small air condition unit. You should use evaporator coils instead. They have to contain a refrigerant liquid that will evaporate into gas.
The liquid absorbs heat and turns to gas in the air conditioning system. The heat is then transferred to the refrigerant. That is how the heat is moved from one location to another.
The evaporator coils can be found in the low- pressure system of a refrigeration circuit.
If the air conditioner is not running but the evaporator blower is, you might encounter a burst tube in the evaporator. This can become expensive so don’t let that happen!
Why does that happen? The heat has no where to go if the air conditioner is turned off causing pressure to build up in the tubes. So be careful and keep these things in mind.
Now you know the difference between an evaporator coil and cooling coils. And you know how they work. So there is no excuse for you to encounter any problems, just make sure you have both the ac and evaporator running at the same time and hopefully you will not encounter any problems. Take care and have you AC checked on a regularly basis.
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