Candles are wonderful things that can evoke many moods and enhance many settings. Perhaps you’re planning a romantic dinner for two, or a family Thanksgiving or Christmas gathering. Placing candles on the table adds to your decor and tells your guests that they’re special.
A Victorian hurricane vase candle holder looks wonderful and adds the scent of the holiday when the pillar candle is surrounded with holly leaves and berries and pine. A branched five tealight candle holder of iron is reminiscent of a tree with each holder supported on a branch. The branches are adorned with red leaves and berries.It would look lovely on a sideboard surrounded by sprigs of boxwood and pine.
There are many different candle holders designed to light up and dress up your garden, deck or patio. Tealight stakes are becoming very popular and add a wonderful, modern and mysterious ambiance to outdoor entertaining. Tealight stakes are very modern looking glass stakes that each hold a tealight at the top and taper to a point at the bottom. Many people place them in a bucket of sand.
There are many different type of outdoor candle holders that look and function like lanterns. They come in many different styles and finishes. The candle is placed inside and surrounded by glass on all four sides, so that it will not be blown out by the wind. How about hanging a candle holder lantern from a tree?
To decorate your home you may want to use a wrought iron swirl wall candle holder, or perhaps one in a Moroccan style will be more to your liking. Candelabras are becoming more modern and come in hundreds of styles and sizes. How about a multi color tea candle chandelier hanging outside, in a protected area, or hanging in your foyer to greet your guests as they arrive.
One of my favorite things to do is to draw a nice warm bath, put on some meditative music and light some scented candles. I use candle jars in the bathroom I don’t have to worry about any spilling of wax. I also prefer earthy fragrances that help me to evoke a relaxed feeling. Lavender is a good fragrance to help you relax, as is lemongrass. I have always found this a wonderful serene way to leave a hectic day behind.
When you are looking for candle holders it will be very easy for you to find one that suits the mood of your event and enhances the decor of your home.